Thursday, February 27, 2014

I promised some gifs of the camera work I did for Project: Last Watch last night on Twitter, and here they are!

In the first one, you see that the camera leads the character a little when she runs, you can look up and down smoothly (the down speed in the gif was sped up to keep it small), and the last one shows how the camera reacts when you hit the ground too hard.

All graphics (especially the background—I’m only using that for spatial reference) are placeholders and don’t reflect the actual content of the game. Also, I made the gifs in terrible quality to conform to Tumblr’s unrealistic gif filesize expectations.

ALSO, in making these gifs, I discovered a new, way better gif tool than what I was using before:

It’s simple and fantastic, you can edit before saving, it uses tricks to save space, you can adjust the colors/size/whatever to save space, and all sorts of other great things. If you’re interested in making gifs, it’s definitely worth checking out.


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